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Destiny Villa is an incredible 5 bedroom, 5-bathroom private villa, offering guests the utmost in luxury, hidden in the hills of Montego Bay. Boasting two infinity pools and a full-time staff, we could not be more excited to be bringing our retreat to the island. 

Our experienced and welcoming staff will take care of your every need as you immerse yourself in a tailored retreat programme. Whether you are here to detox, improve fitness or simply unwind with a friend, loved one or your family, you’ll be nurtured and supported to find balance at this sumptuous 5-star resort.

A range of wellness programmes and activities are on offer for detox, stress and burnout recovery, weight management, sleep, and so much more. Hand selected by Aimee Long and Millie Pryor, you will be met with daily pilates, barre and HIIT classes with the option for personal training and evenings out. 


This tailored retreat combines nutrition, wellness and leisure activities alongside the option for beauty treatments personalised for your current state, goals and preferences.


Following an initial consultation and body composition analysis you’ll be placed on your carefully designed fully inclusive retreat programme with detox support supplements if you so choose.


Destiny’s kitchen is run by celebrity chef Carlington Bouland, an expert in continental and local cuisine directed by Nutritionist Lucy O’Connell, to ensure your health requirements are met above and beyond. 

With a private driver at your every need, you will be able to indulge in the island’s famous hotspots during your free time.












Sample Day 



7am: Option to have light snacks / pre-workout bite


7:30am: Morning flow (Sunrise Flow) 


9am: Breakfast 


10:45am: Level Up Class 


11:45am: Free Time / Relax By The Pool  / Post workout snacks 


1:30pm: Lunch  


2:30pm - 5pm: Free Time / Activity / Nutrition Consults / PT Sessions 


4:30pm: Afternoon snacks available 


5:30pm: Level Up Class


7:00pm: Sunset Flow 


9:00pm: Evening Dinner 



(Please note this is an example day and could vary upon arrival. There will be one group excursion and visit to a local restaurant at the other side of the island). 

PT Sessions can be booked throughout stay and can range from boxing to reformer pilates, depending on your goals.

For more information please email: millie@milliepryor.com 

or call: 07525 140014